A Little About ZAG!

ZAG is a not-for-profit Zoo and Aquarium buyers group that traces its humble beginnings to the late 1980's. It was started by a group of buyers who met annually at the Smoky Mountain Gift Show, in Gatlinburg, TN. These informal meetings proved to be great opportunities to share ideas, and resulted in ongoing lines of communication between buyers in the Zoo and Aquarium gift industry. Due to the wealth of information shared at these annual "get-togethers" for buyers, the ZAG Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner at IGES and ZAG Mixers at Las Vegas Souvenir and Gift and IGES / Smoky Mountain Gift Show have continued to grow in popularity and success.  ZAG Members are 100% in house buyers and employed by their Zoo / Aquarium and 100% of the retail profits goes to their facility. Yes to Success! Networking and interacting with other ZAG buyers from around the country has raised the level of professionalism and success in our industry. ZAG is constantly striving to find avenues to share information and network with our members.

In the past few years ZAG has undergone phenomenal growth, with its membership surpassing 400 buyers, and is currently supported by over 100 sponsors. Recent ZAG projects include the publication of ZAG newsletters, Trade Show Support & Partnership, Active Social media and Facebook, ZAG section in Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties Magazine, Website alterations, and also a concerted effort to host annual meetings that produce valuable networking tools for our members. The development of regional meetings throughout the country and incorporation are among a few of the projects that are currently being worked on by members of ZAG in addition to working with AZA and ZAA conferences.

Now the rest is up to you! We need active members to help us grow this worthwhile organization for the mutual benefit of our zoos and aquariums.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ZAG or a ZAG sponsor, please click here.

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